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The Town of Murray was formed April 8, 1808 (first settled in 1809). It is located in the central eastern part of Orleans County and is 6 miles across from east to west and 6 miles across from north to south at the widest part. The 2010 census indicates that the Town of Murray has 4988 residents.

  • Holley - The Village of Holley, on the Erie Canal, is in the southeast part of the town.
  • Fancher -- Located at the intersection of Routes 387 and 31 in the western part of the town.
  • Hindsburg -- A location on the west town line.
  • Murray -- The hamlet of Murray is on Ridge Road (Route 104).
  • Brockville -- A hamlet north of Fancher on Route 387.
  • Hulberton -- A hamlet east of Fancher by the Erie Canal.





Town of Murray

3840 Fancher Road

Holley, New York  14470



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