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                                                                                                               Cindy Oliver               

      Town Clerk, Tax Collector, Registrar of Vital Statistics, Notary Public



Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday

9:00am to 4:00pm
9:00am to 12:00pm
Phone: 585-638-6570 ext. 100  
Fax: 585-638-0676  
Email: clerk@townofmurray.org  




To view or print tax bills click here


The Town Clerk's office will be closed on the following holidays for 2020


Martin Luther King, Jr. Day - Monday, January 20th
President's Day - Monday, February 17th
Memorial Day - Saturday, May 23rd and Monday, May 25th
Independence Day - Friday, July 3rd, Saturday, July 4th
Labor Day - Saturday, September 5th, Monday, September 7th
Columbus Day - Monday, October 12th
Election Day - Tuesday, November 3rd
Veterans Day - Wednesday, November 11th
Thanksgiving - Thursday and Friday, November 26th and 27th
Christmas - Thursday and Friday December 24th and 25th




Certified Copies   $10.00 per page  
Photocopies   $0.25 per page  
Facsimile   $0.25 per page  
Returned Check Fee   $20.00  
Marriage License and Certificate   $40.00  
Dog License - (Spayed or Neutered)   $7.00  
Dog License - (Unspayed or Unneutered)   $15.00  


Questions regarding water bills:

 Payments:      Contact Murray Town Clerk, Cindy Oliver

                        585-638-6570 or e-mail clerk@townofmurray.org


Billing: Contact Murray Water Department

                        585-638-6570 or e-mail water@townofmurray.org





Cost:   $40.00 ($10.00/marriage certificate, $30.00/marriage license)

Proof of Identification:  Driverís License or Photo ID and Birth Certificate

Other Requirements:            If divorced, divorce papers with raised seal

                                                Fatherís full name and motherís maiden name

                                                Other documents or information may be needed




Certified copies or Certified Transcripts of a Birth Certificate can only be issued to:

  • A person with a NYS Court Order

  • A person named on the Birth Certificate

  • The parents of the person named on the Birth Certificate

  • A lawful representative of the person named

  • A lawful representative of the parents of person named

  • Commissioner of Health

  • A Municipal, State or Federal agency




Certified copies or a Certified Transcript of a Death Certificate may be issued to:

  • A person with a NYS Court Order

  • A spouse, parent or child of the deceased

  • A lawful representative of the spouse, parent or child of the deceased

  • A person requiring record for a documented legal right or claim

  • A person requiring record for a documented medical need

  • A Municipal, State or Federal agency


Information may be released for genealogy research  if the following requirements are met:                        

  • Birth -  the certificate has been on file for at least 75 yrs. and the person named on birth certificate is known by the applicant to be deceased.

  • Death - the certificate has been on file for at least 50 yrs.

  • Marriage - the certificate has been on file for at least 50 yrs. and the bride and groom are known by the applicant deceased.





To find if a loved one is buried in the Town of Murray Cemeteries click on the following websites:


Sandy Creek Cemetery (Rt 104 between Creek Rd and Center Rd)


Sprague Cemetery (Telegraph Rd and corner of Groth Rd)


Transit Cemetery (Transit Rd and corner of East Transit Church Rd)


Pierce-Smith Pioneer Cemetery (Hulberton Rd between Holley Rd and Powerline Rd)


Clark Cemetery (Rt 104 near Hurd Rd)


Cole Hill Cemetery (north of Holley)





2020 Collection Calendar click here

(The Town of Murray is week "A" on the recycling calendar)



Modern Disposal FAQs Webpage Click Here


Service Day for the Town of Murray and Village of Holley is Friday

Garbage and Recyclables should be placed roadside by 6:00 a.m.


Modern Corporation Website - Click Here




All dogs in New York State must be licensed.  Each year the license needs to be renewed. To license your dog, the Town Clerk must have a current rabies certificate.

A spayed or neutered dog's license fee is $7.00

An unspayed or unneutered dog's license fee is $15.00




Permits can be issued by the Town Clerk.  Click here for a printable application form (this requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view, which can be downloaded from the Adobe download site).




Tax bills are mailed on or before January 1st.  There is no penalty for tax payments received or postmarked by January 31st.


  • 1% penalty if paid from Feb. 1st ĖFeb. 29th

  • 2% penalty if paid from Mar. 1st Ė Mar. 31st

  • 3% penalty if paid from Apr. 1st Ė Apr. 30th

Taxes are turned over to the Orleans County Treasurer on May 1st.  Tax payments made after April 30th must be paid at the Orleans County Treasurerís office.


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